DevBlog #1

DevBlog #1

The production of Big Gold Nugget - The Game is in full swing. Today we would like to tell you about our produced content.

  • In our development process, we have already created a first simple animation, to represent the digging with a shovel. Because the basic equipment of every gold miner includes a shovel.

  • We are also working on a water pump. If there is a source of water, you can take a water hose, connect it to the appliance and put the other end into the water. Furthermore, the water pump will have a limited output (max. flow rate). The connection to the hog pan is currently in process.

  • The power generator has progressed in its development. The work light is already available. It will have a maximum power, thus reducing the number of simultaneously connected devices.

  • Because of the multiplayer option, you can share the gaming fun with your friends. For this purpose, we provide animated characters. You can already see the basic actions of your co-players in the game. At the moment we are working on variations of the character.

  • The Australian outback is big. So we offer you a pick up with realistic physics. You can get into the vehicle as a driver or passenger. Actions and interactions are already synchronized over the network.
    Furthermore, it’s possible to transport your purchases and tools. Just open the tailgate and load your pick up.
    Note, that your vehicle has a tank, a battery, and an oil temperature gauge. Ensure always that the tank is filled up timely, the headlamps are turned off after you turned off the motor and the motor does not overheat because of a long standstill while the motor is active.

Are you curious about the features of Big Gold Nugget? Stay tuned and watch the next news! Soon we will show you our roadmap.