DevBlog #2

DevBlog #2

As promised, we will keep you up to date. Today it’s all about the atmosphere!

Big Gold Nugget - The Game takes place in the fictional Australian Outback. Besides the design of the machinery, tools and so on, it’s our purpose to make the game as atmospheric as possible.

Recently we leveled the soil to have an area for building up our first infrastructure. As you can see in the picture above we already have a little town (greybox style) with the first version of a store for small goods only. Furthermore, we test our modeled variations of street assets and began to plan the road network.

Our fictional setting is not only inspired by the Australian environment and terrain but also by the climate and weather. Did you know, that the Australian Outback has several climate zones? So we are hard working to implement besides the day and night system a season weather system. Here are some facts about the typically outback climate and weather that we keep in mind during the conception:

  • There are three different outback climates.
  • Rainfall is low and rain can fall at any time of the year.
  • Common weather phenomena: thunderstorm, dust storm, monsoon
  • Outback summers are hot.
  • Winter is mild, but freezing temperatures are possible.


The gameplay isn’t affected by these atmospheric conditions yet. It remains an open question whether for example, the ground accumulates water after heavy rain.

Your opinion is important to us!  What do you think the changing weather and day/night shifts add to the experience?

We look forward to your answers!


Your Big Gold Nugget Team